Who is the best candidate for Vanquish?

Although Body Mass Index (BMI) is not a determining factor as to candidacy; the best body types for this procedure have only a little bit of excess fat under their skin that they want removed.  This treatment is designed for individuals who need a little assistance in shaping and contouring the circumference around their thighs and/or waist and who want to look great in skinny jeans.

If you have an implant such as a copper IUD or a hip replacement, this will disqualify you from this type of treatment as these implants will disrupt the machine’s energy.

What makes Vanquish unique?

Currently, Vanquish is the only device on the market that can shape and contour your waistline in a uniform fashion using specialized contactless technology.  It targets the superficial fat cells just below the skin (the kind you can pinch); it is unable to penetrate deep fat that sits below muscle.

How long will the results last?

Targeted fat cells are killed and will not be reincarnated; however, if a healthy lifestyle is not permanently adopted, the fat cells surrounding the treated area will continue to grow.  The positive results are enough to give patients enough motivation to follow a healthy lifestyle.

What to expect during the treatment?

Since the entire procedure is contactless all you will feel is a warming sensation that may last for several hours after the session.  The feeling has been compared to lying on the beach under the warmth of the mid-day sun.

For some people that have a hard time being without their cell phone or IPad for about an hour may experience minor withdrawal symptoms.  Seriously, due to the potential disruption and damage that electronic devices may cause the machine, you will not be able to check your e-mail, text, or use electronic devices during your treatment.  It is recommended to simply relax and enjoy the 45 minutes of quiet bliss by perhaps taking a nap or reading a paperback book.

When will results be noticeable?

Results are not immediate, but be patient as visual changes will be noticed a few weeks after the initial treatment.

Benefits for choosing Vanquish:

  • Positive results in less than one month.
  • Subcutaneous fat cells are permanently destroyed.
  • Safe treatment.