Protein builds muscle and sustains energy levels.  Also, protein can reduce hunger hormones.  Supplements are a great way to get the recommended daily amount (RDA) of protein.  A protein bar is a perfect opportunity to get the nutrients you need and still maintain a busy lifestyle.

Convenience is one of the top benefits of protein bars.  They are portable, don’t require preparation or refrigeration, and are perfect for active individuals.

Our bars are only 160 calories and provide 15 grams of protein.  Also, you will be getting 4 grams of healthy fiber.

There are some scrumptious flavors to choose from such as: Caramel Cocoa, Dark Chocolate S’mores, Peanut, Shortbread Cookie, Fudge Graham, Cinnamon, and Peppermint Cocoa Crunch.  Don’t worry if you can’t decide between these delicious flavors, because there is also a variety pack available.


We accept Medicare and all PPO insurances as Out-of-Network provider.