Even when we work-out regularly and eat right, we may not be able to get the firmness in our legs, buttocks, and tummy that we truly desire – this is where EMSculpt can help.  EMSculpt is a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical way to eliminate unwanted fat and add definition to you abs and/or raise your butt – with no pain.  If you want to strengthen, firm, and tone your abdomen, legs, thighs, upper arms, and buttocks – then EMSCULPT may be the perfect solution for you.  Below are answers to some of your common questions.

Who is a great candidate for EMSculpt?

Adults who are in good physical shape, work out on a regular basis, follow a healthy lifestyle and diet plan, and who desire more muscle definition in their abs and butt but are unable to achieve these results by diet and exercise alone.

How does it work?

Muscles are contracted beyond what is possible by physical activity forcing muscle tissue to adapt to the new extreme conditions.  As a result, muscle tone is improved, fat metabolism is enhanced, and the inner structure redefines the muscles in your body.

How long are treatments?

Each treatment is 30 minutes long, and a minimum of 4 (four) sessions scheduled twice a week is recommended. However, a specific treatment plan will be tailored to reach your specific goal.

What can be expected during treatment?

Treatments are not painful, but it will feel like a series of deep muscle contractions as you would experience during an intense workout session.

Is there any pre/post preparation required?

There is no preparation required prior to treatment; however, since your muscles will be strongly contracted during treatment, it is advised to prepare as you would prior to a deep strength training exercise session at the fitness center.  It is also advised to avoid a heavy meal prior to treatment and make sure that your bladder is completely empty.

Is recovery time required?

No.  In fact, the majority of individuals undergoing EMSculpt treatments resume regular activities immediately following treatments.

How quickly will results be seen?

While results vary from person to person, most patients see tangible results immediately after treatment is completed.  Positive visual results are reported several weeks after the session and will continue to improve for weeks after treatments cease.


  • Non-invasive body shaping therapy.
  • Helps both men and women in sculpting their physical form.
  • Pain- free treatments.
  • No recovery time.

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