What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a practice that has a limited number of patients and by doing so allows easy access to your healthcare practitioner via email and mobile phone, better preventive medicine practices, longer appointment slots , and a system that allows physicians more time to oversee your complete health outlook and communicate with your specialists.

The way that we are able to have a small practice is by having an annual enrollment fee that will allow these services. This annual fee is not covered by your insurance and cannot be applied toward your deductible, however some individuals with Flex medical spending plans can be reimbursed through their companies for this fee. This fee is also completely separate from your office visit fee and copay and cannot be used to apply towards those fees. This fee is strictly an enrollment fee to optimize the doctor patient ratio and limit the size of the practice.

I am out of network for certain PPO insurances. What that means, is that we collect payment upfront for your visit and in turn our courtesy billing system sends a bill to your insurance. If your insurance plan has out of network benefits, you will receive a check directly from your insurance as compensation for the visit.

Our courtesy billing system cuts out the hassle of you filling out lengthy paperwork and sending it to insurance carriers

Benefit of Concierge

Direct access to your physician by text, mobile phone and email 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

Appointment availability within 24 hrs

Extended appointment times

Coordination with your subspecialists for your plan of care

Annual comprehensive wellness examination

Cardiovascular risk assessment

Management of hormones during menopause and Andropause/Hormone replacement therapy

Pre-op Evaluations

Same day refills for medications

Help with setting up of appointments with sub-specialists and radiology

In-office lab testing and ECG

In office thyroid Ultrasounds and biopsies

Pre-authorization for medications

Coordination of in-patient care for hospitalization

A dedicated support staff

We accept Medicare and all PPO insurances as IN-Network provider.