Concierge Medicine

I am sure that you have encountered the frustration of being sick and not being able to get an office visit with a physician for days or even weeks.  Once you finally get an appointment, you are ushered in and out in a matter of minutes.  Perhaps you are not aware, but with a traditional physician appointment,  a 30-year-old patient with minor cold symptoms will get the same visit time as an 80-year-old patient with multiple medical issues and just as many prescribed pharmaceutical medication.  However, with concierge medicine, there is time to form a relationship between patient and physician so the patient feels valued and heard, and the physician is aware of all patient concerns so that the best care and attention is given to the patient.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

There are many benefits of Concierge Medicine including more one-on-one personalized service with your physician.  Patients that are attracted to Concierge Medicine are 90% more satisfied with their level of care than compared to the 65% of patients that are in traditional health care.  There are currently 900 practices in the United States that offer this type of service with more than 500,000 patients enjoying this type of personized care.  In fact, in two short years, this type of personalized service has increased almost 10%.

Who is Concierge Medicine For?

Concierge Medicine makes sense for a lot of people – especially individuals who have a chronic medical condition that requires regular doctor visits to keep their condition manageable.  Even if you don’t have a chronic condition, Concierge Medicine is an attractive option.  It’s not only cost-effective but it’s also convenient.  This added service is not a substitute for health insurance; it is a pairing with traditional insurance, as traditional health insurance is needed to cover items such as surgery, hospital visits, and emergency services.

Fees & Services

The fee and services offered differs between offices, but with Dr. Nikravan, you will have access to the doctor 24 hours a day. Appointment visits are extended so you have time to talk about you needs and the doctor has the time to guide you through the healing process.  Appointments are open within 24 hours and medications are refilled the same day.  Also, we offer in-office lab testing.  Thyroid ultrasounds and biopsies are also done right in the office.  Additionally, it can be very stressful finding and getting appointment with specialists, so we will help you set up appointments outside our office and coordinate hospitalization care if needed.

Your health is a priority to you and to us.  Dr. Nikravan and his dedicated support staff are ready to treat you like a valued patient.

Benefit of Concierge Medicine

Direct access to your physician by text, mobile phone and email 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

Appointment availability within 24 hrs

Extended appointment times

Coordination with your subspecialists for your plan of care

Annual comprehensive wellness examination

Cardiovascular risk assessment

Management of hormones during menopause and Andropause/Hormone replacement therapy

Pre-op Evaluations

Same day refills for medications

Help with setting up of appointments with sub-specialists and radiology

In-office lab testing and ECG

In office thyroid Ultrasounds and biopsies

Pre-authorization for medications

Coordination of in-patient care for hospitalization

A dedicated support staff

We accept Medicare and all PPO insurances as IN-Network provider.